A Weekly Dose of Happy Issue 2

Hi, welcome to the next edition of “A Weekly Dose of Happy” from HappyMonks. Here is a list of 5 things to help you start the week off with a little happiness! Enjoy!


Last week I mentioned that I am trying really hard to focus on gratitude this year. This article talks about the connection between gratitude and happiness and some ways to practice gratitude every day. How to Find Happiness


I love to cook. I love simple recipes. And I really love when something I cook turns out to be amazing. That’s what happened last week when I made Tiffani Thiessen’s Turkey Meatloaf from her show, Dinner at Tiffani’s, on the Cooking Channel. Definitely give it a try when you are looking for something easy, filling and tasty. Tiffani Thiessen’s Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

Book Recommendation:

This week my book recommendation is Find me Unafraid: Love, Loss and Hope in an African Slum by Kennedy Odede and Jessica Posner. It is a love story about a fight against poverty and hopelessness, the transformation made possible by a true love, and the power of young people to have a deep impact on the world. With everything that is going on in the world these days, this book is a great reminder that there are people out there doing great work. And just knowing this makes me incredibly happy.
Find me Unafraid: Love, Loss and Hope in an African Slum by Kennedy Odede and Jessica Posner

Product recommendation:

Over the years, I have heard a lot about deodorant not being good for your body. I tried not wearing it for a few days and that did not go well. I did some research online and found a few options that I quickly had sent to me. Well, those didn’t work at all. So, I went back online and found Primally Pure. They make effective skincare and beauty products that promote good health and well-being. I immediately ordered their deodorant and fell in love. It works. Even after a sweaty workout! Give it a try. Your pits, your health, and the people around you, will be very happy! Primally Pure Deodorant


Just watch and I dare you not to smile!
Happy Video

Thank you for reading and have a great week filled with happiness!

Take care,
Stefanie Abramson, HappyMonks

Stefanie Abramson